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Operation Heat is the investigation into the disappearance of Nicola Payne on 14 December 1991 in Coventry. On 27 January 2015 Nigel Barwell and Thomas O'Reilly were charged with the murder of Nicola Payne.

On 19 December 1991 searches were conducted of the River Sowe Nature Reserve covering the river banks and the paths between Clifford Bridge Road and Binley Road. During this search a tent was seized. The officers involved in this search included mounted branch officers, dog handlers and underwater search officers.

If you are aware of any retired officers who may have been involved or if officers can recall being involved in this search and have knowledge of a tent being seized, can they please contact DS 5724 Naomi Mauchan at Harborne police station urgently on 03451135000 Ext 7863 6322.

If you are in contact with old colleagues not able to access the website, who might have been involved, please contact them

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Having just seen the link to the Wolverhampton Police and Dignitaries film by British Pathe you have linked to on the NARPO website helped me find footage of my great grandfather who was one of the first mounted policemen in Wolverhampton who was in the film.

I have been working on our family tree and a recent visit with my uncle provided me with a number of photos and my great grandfathers truncheon, whistle and cuffs were passed down to me.

I have very little other information about the mounted police in Wolverhampton and if there is any other info that you know of that I may be able to get would be very much appreciated. Hope the photos are of interest.

Best Regards

Phil Molineux - email:

Information Request re Deceased Officers

West Midlands Police are trying to trace the families of three former WMP officers who are entitled to an additional payment as part of their pension.

Following the determination in Milne v GAD, the Government decided that additional payments were to be made to pension scheme members whose pension commenced between 1 December 2001 and 30 November 2006 who chose to commute their pension for a lump sum at retirement.

The Force is looking to make contact with the families of:-

1) J Callaghan (Date of Death: 14/01/2009)

2) A D Stewart (Date of Death: 28/03/2007)

3) Robert Charles Wilkes (Date of Death: 03/12/2014)

PC A2089 - Coroner’s Department.

Address in 2008, 56 Yarnfield Lane, Tyesely, Birmingham, B11 3PG.


If you are a family member, or you have contact details for any of the families for the above former West midlands police officers, then please contact:-

John Davis, Service Lead, Pensions, Shared Services, West Midlands Police

Customer Services: 0121 626 5100 (int 8036155)

From: Steve Edwards <>
Date: 27 May 2016 at 09:02:47 GMT-5
updatTo: Steve Edwards <>

Hi All

We have today received an email from the Home Office stating that whilst they are going to alter the Police [Injury Benefit] Regulations 2006 to make ESA a relevant deductible benefit, they have confirmed that any such change will not be retrospective.

As such all those Forces who have refused to refund any monies already unlawfully deducted from injury pensions should now be requested to repay such money unlawfully deducted without delay.

The email has been sent to all Forces so they should now be aware of this.

See email below:

From: Police Pension Team
Sent: 06 April 2016 14:40

Subject: RE: Employment and Support Allowance - Update


Dear colleagues,

As you may be aware there has been an inconsistent approach being adopted by forces regarding the deduction of Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

We have confirmed in the past that we will be amending the Police (Injury Benefit) Regulations 2006 to make it express on the face of legislation that ESA payments are to be deducted. Until the Regulations are amended, the advice remains that forces should comply with the current Regulations.

Please note that these changes will not have retrospective effect and will come into force on the date of implementation.

The Home Office will be providing further updates, including the intended implementation date, in due course.


Kind Regards, Police Pension Team


Police Workforce and Capability Unit I Home Office I 6th Floor, Fry Building, 2 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DF I Email:



Steve Edwards

Chief Executive Officer

01924 331 251

See important details of Changes to this scheme - CLICK HERE NOW! Situations Vacant CLICK HERE CLICK ON LOGO ABOVE TO BE TAKEN TO THE WEB SITE FOR NOTJUSTTRAVEL Updated May 27 2016 This page was last updated on 5 July 2019

SHU Autism Centre - Police Examination Board Survey

The project will much appreciate your responses to Thirteen questions which will enable us to report the views of autistic police officers, and former police officers, on their experiences of attending examination/promotion boards.

The project research team of three includes a former police officer with autism, also a former senior police staff member of the Metropolitan Police Service now working in the field of autism. The lead researcher - Dr Luke Beardon - has had an interest in the criminal justice system from the perspective of autism for many years and wrote his doctoral thesis on offending in the context of Asperger syndrome.

All data will be kept securely and in all reports and publications the data will be fully anonymised to ensure complete confidentiality for all respondents.

Our final report will be made available to the website moderator for publication so you will be able to read our results. We will also submit copies to National Police Chiefs' Council and the College of Policing.

Please click on the link to complete the questionnaire:

Discussion with the Director of Resources and Pensions Manager

 Committee members from all West Midlands Branches met with the WMP Director of Resources and the Pensions Manager today to seek an update on the commutation review issue.

As reported previously, all calculations have been completed and the figures checked by the Government Actuary's Department.

However, the Home Office has advised forces (in a letter dated 2nd November) that the discharge notices (the disclaimer which needs to be signed by individuals before release of any money) "has raised unexpectedly complex issues. However, the timescale for payments that we set out originally has not changed – the Government expects that pensions administrators will make the majority of calculations by December 2015 and the majority of payments by April 2016.  We expect that these issues will be resolved shortly (ie. within the next few weeks) and we will provide further advice as soon as possible". (Direct quote from the letter.)

The letter adds:-  "Some forces have asked whether they can take responsibility for commencing payments using their own discharge notice.  Our recommendation remains that forces await the further advice that is to be provided." At our meeting, the Director of Resources stated that WMP would NOT make any payments prior to the Home Office advice being received, nor use its own discharge letter.

We asked the DoR whether he would write to all retired officers affected - confirming that they were due a payment, but the Director stated that because of the costs involved, he would wait another few weeks before considering an interim letter. He still hoped to be able to send out the detailed notice to individuals in December.

We confirmed with the Director and Pension Manager that we would be advised of any new update which we will, of course, publish immediately.


Dear All,

I am writing to invite you to take part in a survey that will help us measure our members’ views on housing.

NARPO has been working closely with our partners in Later Life Ambitions to respond to the Communities and Local Government Committee inquiry into housing and older people. This Parliamentary inquiry is examining whether there is sufficient housing available for older people that is suitable for their needs.

Earlier this year, Later Life Ambitions submitted a response to the inquiry, which was based on evidence provided by our members. Following the submission, we have continued to maintain close links with the Committee and have been asked to run a member’s survey on housing to complement the inquiry.

Your response to this survey will feed directly into the Committee’s final report, which will in turn be used to make recommendations to Government. It is extremely positive that the Committee has identified LLA as a key group to consult with during their inquiry, and is a great parliamentary endorsement of our work.

The survey consists of a brief series of questions on your own housing situation, and it can be completed in only a few minutes. We can assure that your evidence will be dealt with in confidence, and your details will be anonymised.

Please find the survey online here.

Kind Regards, Steve Edwards - Narpo HQ


Pensions Tax Seminar

WMP signed up to national training for Pension Board members, and Steve Grange and I attended a seminar in December.

The slides from the presentation have now arrived and are attached. - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

If you need any additional explanation on the content, please contact me.

Best wishes, David, David Jeans 07711 547411 / 01675 481077


Secretary NARPO Birmingham Branch

Secretary WM NARPO Branches


Were you a serving officer in 1972 or 1990?

If so you will have been given the opportunity to uprate your widow[er] pension.

We have recently been made aware of an issue in relation to the inadequate retention of important pension records around the election made by Officers in 1972, when an option was given to uprate their widows pension entitlement from a third to a half.

The issue initially arose where a NARPO member died and told his wife before he died to make sure she received the half–rate pension as he had decided to uprate. The Pension Authority could find no records relating to the officer’s pension in 1972 and as a result made the decision that they would only pay the widows pension at the rate of a third. The officer in question had transferred from another Force and it would appear that his pension record was not transferred over with him. The widow was adamant, but nevertheless the Pension Authority refused to uprate the pension despite their being no record whatsoever covering his previous service.

Owing to the widows’ persistence and with assistance from a local NARPO Branch, the widow managed to find her late husband’s records in a separate location. That file contained a form signed by her husband in 1973 showing that he had elected to increase the widow pension entitlement through reduction in his own pension.

In correspondence with the Force concerned they have confirmed that in the absence of any records being found from 1972 they would automatically pay the widows pension at the rate of a third.

This record keeping issue could also affect those female officers serving in 1990, when an opportunity was given for them to ‘buy back’ previous service so that it attracted a half rate widower’s pension. This should be recorded on their pension records. Make sure your loved one receives the pension to which they are entitled.


Windermere, Lake District

Owned and run by Andy and Tracey Bebbington.

This guesthouse is immaculate and exceptionally well run with those extra little touches that are rare.

This is highly recommended!

Call for availability and prices on:
01539 444004 OR 07738689534

NARPO, working with our Later Life Ambitions partners, is running a survey to mark the 70th anniversary of the NHS and to understand the views of our members on this hugely important national institution. The survey asks a range of questions relating to members’ experiences of the NHS, as well as how new investment should be funded and where it should be spent.

The survey can be accessed via the link below:


How NARPO Can help YOU! Branch Secretary Paul Snape is awarded Life Membership at AGM - being presented by  Branch Chairman Roy Marratt NARPO Wolverhampton Chairman  with the Mayor of Wolverhampton,  Mrs Claire Darke  at the Military Flag Raising Ceremony.